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Google's specialized search engine for finding scholarly and peer-reviewed research online. Links to Bennett College full text sources and provides ILL links for materials without full text.

Social Psychology Network, one of the largest Internet sites devoted to psychological re-search and teaching, contains more than 14,000 Internet links related to psychology. This website provides a searchable database of web links for everything from psychological and social-psychological topics, to academic programs, to research groups, to professional jour-nals, and more. 

This site provides a clearinghouse of web links to evaluated psychology websites on many topics. This is a good website for introducing yourself to the range of re-sources available on the Internet. 

This is the official website of the American Psychological Association, to which we provide a link in the Psychology Subject Guide on the library website. Find information here about APA Style, academic and graduate programs, psychological associations, finding jobs, and more. 

Find a job, post your resume, and get career help. Provided by APA.

Find a graduate program, scholarships and grants, and get help with the application process. Provided by APA.

Careers in Psychology and Counseling
What can you do with a psychology or counseling degree. Take your education to the next level.

Help with Research

Follow these links for brief articles and videos to help with the resources on this page:

Evaluating Websites

Google Tools
Requesting Items via Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Working with Citations (see also the Writing & Citing page)