JM 180 - Spring 2012, Prof. Welbon

Some useful resources for locating information about topics and issues related to college and university campuses:

Use the custom search box to find periodical literature (e.g., newspapers, magazines, and peer-reviewed journals) and consumer health information.

College & University News

An alphabetical list of post-secondary student newspapers in the U.S. by state.

News and trends for higher education administrators, faculty , researchers, and scholars. 
    • Click on "Search within this publication" to keyword search contents.
    • After JN "Chronicle of Higher Education" add "and" followed by your keywords.

Investigative Research and Pro/Con Articles

From CQ Researcher, includes links to investigative research articles on binge drinking, gays on campus, college sports, HBCUs, college costs, plagiarism, grade inflation, student activism, sex on campus, and more.

Points of View Reference Center 
Covers more than 280 hot topics, each with an overview (objective bac
kground/description), point (argument), counterpoint (opposing argument), and Critical Thinking  Guide.

Bennett College Publications

Bennett College Fact Book
Bennett College Catalog

Subject Guides

Subject guides that may be relevant to your topic: