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General Research Websites

Google's specialized search engine for finding scholarly and peer-reviewed research online. Links to Bennett College full text sources and provides ILL links for materials without full text.

Brings together peer-reviewed research in chemistry from a range of open access journals.

A set of informative videos reviewing information relevant to a first or second-year Chemistry course.

Elemental and Molecular Information Websites

A clickable periodic table of elements with a detailed webpage for each element, including footnotes and citation information.

eMolecules searches for chemical structures. eMolecules discovers sources of chemical data by searching the internet, and receives submissions from data providers such as chemical suppliers and academic researchers.

Every month they add a molecule to their database. Each page describes the structure, use, history and occurrences of each entry.

from Molecule of the Month

Help with Research

Follow these links for brief articles and videos to help with the resources on this page:

Evaluating Websites

Google Tools
Requesting Items via Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Working with Citations (see also the Writing & Citing page)